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John Doe

Emad Dehnavi as a Photographer

I always like photography, it is a uniqe feelings when you capture a photo and it will be your memory forever. my first camera was a Canon Digital camera. I like it, but its broken now! I like to take pictures from natures and animals.

3D Artist
John Doe

Emad Dehnavi as a 3D Artist

It was 2009, I do remember when I start the 3dsmax platform and I was like, "Holy Moly to that!" I scared, it was too complicated. there were lots of buttons and menus and other things. but that day, I said,"You should learn this" and I did. I like 3d Modeling.

John Doe

Emad Dehnavi as a Programmer

Oh my Programming languages! once upon a time, I told to my girl that "coding is my passion, I like it" and she said "Are you crazy?" well as it turns out it seems she was not my type! Web/desktop/mobile development with C#, PHP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Jquery, Angular.JS , ... lots more ;)

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